Short Introduction

The Collection Tool

In the short tutorials we show you in easy to follow steps how you can use TennisGate optimally. In this example we will go into the collections.

The collections function is a powerful web tool within all TennisGate Online clubs. With the Collections Tool you can create individual collections and also edit them on the "Collections" page.

This demo was made in the CoachesClub. However, the functionalities are exactly the same. So this is exactly how the Collection Tool also works in ParentsClub.

Functions ... 
01 | Start from scratch

Before you start, we suggest that the very first thing you do is create a “My Favorites” collection using the Collection Tool. Because we’re sure that the very first time you “try out” the ParentsClub, you’ll be excited about videos you want to find again. This is one of the great features of the Collection Tool. Just go to the „Collections” page.

To do this, go to the top menu, to “My account” and click on “Collections”.

You see that the page is still empty. We have not created a collection yet. So we start completely from scratch.

02 | Name the collection

In the “Create new” field enter the name, in this case “My Favorites”. As with any collection, you can also add a description. This can be important if you have many collections, for example if you want to create training sessions or if you want to share your collections with other coaches as a team leader.


Since this is our first collection and we only want to create one collection of favorites, we give it the description f.e.  “My private list of videos and posts”.

The collection is now created and saved, but of course it is still empty. We haven’t added any video or post yet. We’ll do that in the next step and explain it in the next video.

03 | Fill the collection

Now we add videos from the content next. As a demonstration, let’s just take the latest posts from the sidebar and add them to the “My Favorites” collection step by step.

After we have added a few videos, we click on “My Collections” in the sidebar and then on the “My Favorites” collection to check if all videos are in the collection. 

In the next step, we will show you how to edit and organize the individual posts within the Collections.

04 | Sort the collection

First click on the Edit icon in the upper right corner. Then drag and drop the individual posts to the desired position. At the end click on the save icon in the upper right corner. This saves the work

To test, we click on “Your Collections” and call up the “My Favorites” collection again. As we can see, everything has been saved.

We do exactly the same with the descriptions.  But more about that in the next video.

05 | Add or edit Descriptions

We select a desired Collections object and click on the Edit icon here. Now a text field opens where we can enter the text. After finishing, we first save the editing of the symbol at the top right of the object box, wait until it is finished … and then save the editing of the entire Collection again at the top right.

We check if the archiving worked and call the collection again. As we can see, everything is as it should be. The text has been saved.

The difference between these two methods is:

  • when sorting, the editing is started and finished via the edit icon in the upper right corner.
  • when editing the descriptions, the editing is started via the edit in the object symbol on the right, saved there and only then the collection is saved on the top right.

You cannot combine these two methods. If you want to sort, then you have to start and finish this editing as described before. Likewise the editing of the descriptions.

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