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im Friedengrund 8 D-78050 Villingen Schwenningen

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TennisGate LTD Niederlassung Deutschland
im Friedengrund 8 D-78050 Villingen Schwenningen
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TennisGate LTD
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The website and its subdomains are an online offering from TennisGate LTD Niederlassung Deutschland intended for the training and further education of tennis coaches. The site provides comprehensive pages containing texts, images and video content as well as supporting and sometimes interactive learning guides for users’ further personal development. TennisGate is certainly not intended as a substitute for personal tuition and support from experts. TennisGate is designed to complement this and support their work in a purposeful way.


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The website and the services connected with this have been and are prepared and operated with the greatest of care.

If a figure in the content is only referred to in masculine form, this description does in fact apply all genders.


Any liability for direct, indirect or any other damage, irrespective of its cause, which arises from using or from the unavailability of the data, information and approach described on the website and its subdomains, is excluded wherever legally permitted. This disclaimer covers, but is not limited to, any possible technical and content related errors or omissions. In addition, TennisGate LTD does also not accept liability for direct, indirect or any other damage which arises as a result of applying the training tips provided on this website.


In general, you use the website and its subdomains at your own risk. TennisGate would particularly like to emphasise that all training content on the website and in the products sold by TennisGate is intended for people who are healthy and certifiably fit for sports. TennisGate does not accept liability for personal damages which arise from undertaking TennisGate exercises.


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We would also like to thank our own partners and children, who have shown a lot of understanding and have had to sacrifice a lot over the past few years. Developing the TennisGate platforms without neglecting our jobs as coaches on the court has required a lot of time, which has surely cut into family life.